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Rong-Fu RF-25 Mill

Digital Readout (DRO)

Six inch wide mill vise.

Using a Swiss Dial Test Indicator (0.0005" scale) to align the solid-jaw of the mill vise.

1/8" thick parallel set

Adjustable parallel set

Wavy parallel set

1/2" thick parallel set


Variable-angle V-block

Micro V-block

Square & hex 5C collet fixtures with pin spanner wrench.

Adjustable work stop

Smaller transfer vise held in larger mill vise.

360 degree rotary 5C collet fixture

R8, 5C, ER-40, & ER-16 collet types.

Electronic edge finder with over-travel protection.

Center-cutting (left) & non-center cutting (right) type end mills.

End mills

3/4" shanked fly cutter with brazed carbide tool bit.

Fly cutter sweeping the surface of an aluminum part.

Mist lubrication system

Sine vises

Saw blade & arbor used to cut a slot in a mill setup.

Tramming a 6" rotary table.

Tramming a rotary table with a 6", 4-jaw lathe chuck, attached.

Chucks with different shank types: straight, MT-2, R-8.

High-precision L-bracket fixture.

RF_R-8_accessories.jpg (54427 bytes)
R-8 mill accessories.

Taig-based CNC micro-mill system.

CNC computer

MediaServer 2

Opto-isolation board that electrically separates & protects computer & stepper motor circuits.

CNC stepper motors with Molex-connected wired cables.

CNC mill's X-Y-Z axes over-travel switches

Mill spindle RPM infrared pick-up emitter glowing at 940 nanometers.

CNC-controlled rotary table.

Tramming part in CNC 4th axis rotary table.

Mach 3 CNC software

A precision tooling plate for the micro-CNC mill.

CNC mill cutting a pocket.

CNC mill cutting a brass involute gear.

Click to see digitizing probe movie.

CNC-cut involute gears

Gear animation

Brass CNC-cut escapement gear for a pendulum clock.

Jet BD-920N 9x20 (swing x length) lathe.

Lathe compound angle fixture

Carbide insert lathe tool bits.

Setting a 60 degree thread-cutting tool bit normal to work piece.

Thread cutting tool bit retractor accessory.

Carbide insert cut-off tool.

High speed steel (HSS) cut-off tool.

OEM Jet belt/pulley system for stepped-speed control.

Modified Jet with variable-speed high-torque DC motor & timing drive belt.

Tool post grinder

Tool post grinder sharpening a punch on the lathe.

Tramming 5C collet chuck on the lathe.

Five inch 3-jaw lathe chuck

Tramming a brass part in a 4-jaw lathe chuck.

Variable-size arbor holding brass disk.

CNC-type extended live center for lathe tailstock.

Lathe tailstock DRO

Chucks for lathes & drill presses.

Carbide insert boring bar on a lathe.

Shop fabricated ball-cutting fixture.

Taig micro-lathe baseline configuration.

CNC converted Taig micro-lathe.

Taig Micro Lathe converted to CNC.
Photo shows cutting first taper without a compound.

CNC lathe cutting a half-round ended aluminum part.

CNC lathe cutting 1/4-20 thread in brass.

Taig lathe speed reduction pulleys & spindle RPM IR opto-pickup.

Jet metal band saw

Modified band saw table

Bench grinder with adapted drill chuck.

Carbide tool bit grinder.

Mill setup as a drill press (L) & a Jet floor drill press (R).

Digital depth gauge.

Lettered, numbered, & fractional drill bit set (USA).

Large-diameter, Silver-Deming drill bit set.

Silver-Deming drill bits.

Center drill bit set.

Zero-fluke, 82 degrees countersink set.

Precision fractional reamers.

Broach cutter.

Fractional counterbores with fixed pilots.

Counterbores with interchangeable sized pilots.

High-speed engraving bits.

Bench drill presses

Micro-drill press X-Y table. 

Height gauge being used to scrib a part.

1-2-3, 2-3-4, & 2-4-6 (inches) precision-ground steel Jo-blocks.

High-precision gauge block set

Dial Test Indicator (DTI) (Swiss).

Digital DTI

Electronic height gauge (Japan).

Height gauge hole center-finder accessory.

Z-Axis height gauge for setting cutter depth on a mill.

Universal Gauge (USA).

Z-Axis height gauge for setting cutter depth on a mill.

Pin gauge set

Inside diameter gauge set

Digital calipers (Japan)

Digital micrometer with holder.

Anti-microbial tool bin liner

1" to 6" range micrometer set

6" to 12" range micrometer set

Hub micrometer

Deep-throat micrometer

Cylinder thickness micrometer

Slot-depth micrometer

Point micrometer

Small-faces micrometer

Disk micrometer

Thread measurement micrometer with interchangeable anvils.

Inside diameter micrometer

Inside diameter gauge set (Japan).

Transfer pin set

Mechanical protractor scale

Hand thread tapping

Semi-automatic machine thread tapping on a mill.

Mini, hand thread tapper

Hand tapping a 0-80 thread

Tap handle for lathes

Micro tap handles

Tap guide assures perpendicular threads & helps reduce tap breakage.

Transfer vise holding a part

Part transferred from previous operation.

Ubiquitous bench vise (Taiwan).

Hand vise, wide (Germany)

Hand vise, narrow

Custom-made hand vises