Broach Cutters
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Broach Cutting Set, Broach Holder & Shim, Bushing, Cutting

Broach Cutting Set

A duMont broach cutter Precision Set 00. There are 15 different combinations for making small keyways & bores.
Set consists of three broaches that cut 1/16", 3/32" & 1/8" wide key ways & five, Type A collared bushings for 1/4",
5/16", 3/8", 7/16" & 1/2″ diameter holes. The L-shaped shim is inserted after the first pass to increase the depth-of-cut.
Use plenty of cutting fluid & remove all chips after each pass. Key & Keyway Sizes

Larger broaches. 3/16"-B cutter with its 5/8"-B collared bushing. The 2nd one is a 5/16"-C cutter with a standard
1-3/16"-C collared bushing & a 30mm-C collared bushing that is sized for the Jet BD-920N lathe spindle pulley.
The various bushing Types (A, B, C) match the broach cutter base size with a corresponding bushing channel.

The teeth cut progressively deeper.




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Broach Holder & Shim

An adapter was made to hold the broach cutter to prevent breakage. The holder has four, shank-gripping
set screws (like a 4-jaw chuck).  A fifth set screw, inside the (smaller) 1/2" diameter end, limits shank depth &
 movement under cutting pressures. I use it in the floor drill press.

Making a 3.25" cross-slide knob for the Jet 9x20 lathe.

Precision reamed 5/16" hole.


A 5/16" guide bushing inserted into the hole.


A 1/16" broach cutter held in the floor drill press. Use ample amounts of cutting fluid.

Perfect broach-cut 1/16" keyway to match the Taig OEM design.

Handle installed on the improved 9x20 lathe cross slide using extra Taig mill lead screw parts.





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Broach Cutting Set, Broach Holder & Shim, Bushing, Cutting