R-8 Spindle Accessories
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R-8 Collets, ER-40 Collet Chuck, Arbor, Boring Heads, Fly Cutter, End Mill Holders, Drill Chucks

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R-8 tooling is readily available. An extra 5C collet holder modified with an oak insert to hold R-8 sized shanks

R-8 Collets

Lyndex (Japan) R-8 collet set 1/8" x 7/8" x 1/16"; very accurate & high gripping power.

A rotary collet holder is compact.

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ER-40 Collet Chuck

An ultra-high precision (Maritool USA) ER-40 collet chuck with R-8 shank for RF-25 mill use. Best in class.
Made from alloy steel hardened to 54 - 56RC, balanced to 15,000 RPM, its concentricity is less than 0.0001"
at the collet's face & the rear internal thread is 7/16-20. This chuck type allows use of odd shank sizes of drills
& end mills with only one collet system. The ER-40 collets & clamping nut can be changed-out within a
smaller space than the longer R-8 collets. There are other types of ER-40 collet chucks, e.g., MT3 shank.

ER-40 collet nut wrench.

Set of ER-40 collets (import) that provides continuous sizes from 0.12" to 1.02"
Each size has a labeled filler plug that is used when gripping short parts so as to not distort the collet.



1/8" 0.12500 0.12~0.16"
3/16" 0.18750 0.16~0.20"
7/32" 0.21875  0.20~0.236"
1/4" 0.25000 0.236~0.275"
5/16" 0.31250 0.275~0.316"
11/32" 0.34375 0.316~0.354"
3/8" 0.37500 0.354~0.393"
13/32" 0.40625 0.393~0.433"
7/16" 0.43750 0.433~0.472"
1/2" 0.50000 0.472~0.511"
17/32" 0.53125 0.511~0.551"
9/16" 0.56250 0.551~0.590"
5/8" 0.62500 0.590~0.629"
21/32" 0.65625 0.629~0.669"
11/16" 0.68750 0.669~0.708"
3/4" 0.75000 0.708~0.748"
25/32" 0.78125 0.748~0.787"
13/16" 0.81250 0.787~0.826"
27/32" 0.84375 0.826~0.866"
7/8" 0.87500 0.866~0.905"
15/16" 0.93750 0.905~0.944"
31/32" 0.96875 0.944~0.984"
1" 1.00000 0.984~1.020"

Cannot measure error using a 0.0005" resolution indicator. The chuck body has flats for a 1-3/4" open-end wrench.

Super low runout. Measured +/-0.00015" or 0.0003" total indicated readout (TIR); within dowel-pin error.


One-inch arbor with an R-8 shank with various spacers & left-hand nut.

Slit-cutting soft steel.

Boring Heads 

Two-inch boring head with 7/8-20 threaded interchangeable arbors MT2, R-8, & 1/2" straight type shanks.
Uses 1/2" boring bars. Steel boring-bar adapter 1/2" to 3/8". Used a reamer for the 3/8" hole.

Also, see how to use a boring head in a lathe tailstock for turning tapers.

The ID is measured using a self-centering telescopic gage with a caliper or a micrometer.

Two-inch boring head animation.

This boring head type's dial reads radius so the diameter of the hole increases by twice the adjusted size.

A 2-1/2" boring head that uses 1/2" boring bars. The head has a rigid, integral R-8 shank &
a direct
-read dial
so the diameter of the hole increases exactly by the adjusted size (USA).

Multiple hole positions, with set screws, for a 1/2" boring-bar shank.

Again, this scale reads out the diameter changes; some are the radius. Note the adjustable gib dovetail.

A 3-inch boring head with 1-1/2-18 threaded interchangeable 3/4" & R-8 shanks.

The 3-inch boring head uses boring bars with 3/4" shanks.

Mounted in the Rong-Fu mill using the R-8 shank.

A comparison of 2, 2-1/2, & 3-inch boring heads.






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Fly Cutter

2-1/2" carbide fly cutter (supplied).

End Mill Holders

R-8 to MT2 adapter. R-8 end mill holders. Sizes: 3/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" & 3/4". Indexed end mills will not slip.

Drill Chucks

Jacobs ball bearing Super Chuck, 1/8" ~ 5/8" (3mm ~ 16mm) capacity with R-8 to JT3 ETM Precision arbor (Israel).
Large size shown relative to a US quarter (0.955" or 24.26mm).

Jacobs Super Chuck mounted on the RF-25 Mill & turning.

Keyless 1/2" capacity drill chuck on R-8 shank.
Use only for light duty work.



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R-8 Collets, ER-40 Collet Chuck, Arbor, Boring Heads, Fly Cutter, End Mill Holders, Drill Chucks