Vises for Small Mills
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Mounting Brackets, Adjustable Work Stop, Work Holding Examples, Parallel Sets

Mounting Brackets

A 3-inch, screwless vise for the Taig mill. The original milling vise is not good enough for precision work.
A good vise to use on the mill is this precision screwless type. This type of vise has very flat (+/- 0.0002") &
parallel critical surfaces. It is also, of course, hardened. The movable jaw pulls down as clamping pressure
increases so the part does not rise. The precision surfaces eliminate/minimize part marring. Typically, a
drill press vise does not have the precision or features required for milling. Can be used in conjunction
with a miniature screwless vise.
   Screwless vise exploded diagram

Adjustable Work Stop

3-inch vise; adjustable, pivoting, solid-jaw mounted work stop.
An M6-1 cap head screw holds the bracket.

The adjustable 8-32 screw has a pressed-on knob,
a tip that was diamond ground flat, & a knurled lock nut.

Of course, the stop can be pivoted out of the way,
placed on the other side, or simply removed.








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Assorted brass shim pack

Work Holding Examples

Milling flats onto a Taig 3/4-16 threaded arbor for a 7/8" wrench

Not a screwless design but this excellent precision
Tool Maker's vise can also be used on small mills.
A very high-precision vise.

The Toolmaker's vise needs a pin spanner to fully tighten & loosen.

 A variable angle V-block used to make 45 deg beveled edges.

The 1-inch screwless vise, with built-in ground parallels, is being held at 30 deg by the 3-inch vise.
Note that 1" screwless vises differ & may or may not have built-in parallels. 

A computer keyboard key was CNC engraved so it will have a trans-illuminated label.

Top to bottom: 3-inch, 2-inch, & 1-inch screwless vise size comparisons.

Parallel Sets

A set of 3-inch wide, precision ground parallels (import).
The shorter sets are ideal for smaller mills & vises.

1/2" long, wavy parallel set (Swiss). Spring steel can compress in the vise for very thin pieces.

Mounting Brackets, Adjustable Work Stop, Work Holding Examples, Parallel Sets