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Mill Vise

Six", 75-lb., TE-CO Parlec vise mounted on the RF-25.
Massive, precise, durable with very high clamping

forces. The Kurt-like closing mechanism has a wedge
that applies downward force as the jaw is tightened.

Parlec PWS-6900 single station vise parts list   Parlec flyer

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3", 4", 5", & 6" sizes available










Assorted brass shim packs for vise alignment





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Indicating Animation

Indicating the Parlec solid jaw, animation.
The slot on the top of the solid jaw can also be used.

Move the bed left & right, make minute adjustments of the
vise position until zeroed, then lock it down
This Swiss
Interapid dial test indicator has 0.0005" per
gradation resolution. The vise manufacturer's
instructions to set tip geometry & see illustration.
Lock the axes before aligning the fixed jaw of the vise.

Machinists distinguish between "indicating a part" (alignment) vs. "tramming" (centering). However, the definition of
tramming is "to adjust or align (mechanical parts). Accurate mechanical adjustment: The device is in tram."

the vise bed animation.
In the deep center (not-measured location)
only the small needle moves showing
the large needle changed by
about 0.030".

Precision ground parallels of varying heights accurately hold parts at the proper depth inside the vise jaws.

5-axis milling stop with 1/4" rod; strong construction & versatile low-profile positioning (USA).
The metal-constructed locking handle can be easily repositioned by lifting upward & rotating.
One end of the steel rod is squared-off (diamond ground) while the other end is hemispherical.
Made a blind hole slipover aluminum handle, held on with 6-32 set screws, for the 1/4" hex wrench.
The three flush hex set screws positively engage the flat. Left off the knurling so it would not hold dirt.
The stop rod engages the square 5C fixture edge. The 5C collet has a depth stop screwed into its end.







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Drill Press Vises

1-1/2" drill press vise (Taiwan).



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Palmgren variable angle drill press vise (USA).
1-1/2" (38mm) W x 1" (25mm) D x 6" (146mm) OAL. Opens to 1-9/16" max.

V-grooved fixed jaw plate & degrees scale.

Eron 3-inch drill press vise (Japan). Sides are also machined flat & true.
Base groove for table mounting. Excellent quality, good for metal work.

4-inch, low-profile Delta drill press vise (Taiwan). Good for wood but not precise enough for metal projects.

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Select 3", 4", 5", 6" jaw widths.


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Palmgren 3" wide, 1-1/8" deep, 6.5" square base, 13lbs., cradle-style, variable angle drill press vise (import).
Positive pin stops at 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, & 90 degrees. Hand-tightened lock at all positions; 0 to 90 by 1 deg scale.
Solid jaw has vertical & horizontal V-grooves. The base has 1/2" shoulder slots for bolting down to a drill press table.

The Palmgren vise color is now a dark gray & has a metal nameplate attached.

This vise has good accuracy for use with wood. Cradle-style vise manual.

Tool Maker's Vise

Tool maker's vise: W 2-9/16" (62mm) x D 1-1/4" (32mm),
opens to 3-3/8" (86mm) & OAL is 7-1/2" (190mm).

Hardened & precision ground to within 0.0002".
Single-piece base construction.








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All sides ground square.

The movable jaw has a counterbore around the lead screw attachment point which provides
 relief for the threaded bronze insert. This allows full jaw retraction for maximum vise opening.

The jaws are very precisely aligned to each other.

The movable jaw is not quite as wide as the base
so it can be moved while still clamped in a setup.

Also handy for use as a transfer vise between setups.
Shown here with the
5-axis work stop (right).

Its strength, speed, size, & precision make
it one of the best all-around vises I own.

This vise
is also very good for use on the Taig mill.

Tighten & loosen using an adjustable pin spanner wrench.

Screwless Vises

Top to bottom: 3-inch, 2-inch, & 1-inch screwless vise size comparisons.

1", 2", 3" & larger vise widths available.
Click on select linked thumbnails to view different sizes.
Note that 1" screwless vises differ & may or may not have built-in parallels







The built-in parallels aid holding especially small parts. 

The movable jaw of the small vise is not as wide as the base
so it can be operated while still clamped by another fixture.
Parts can thus be swapped-out while maintaining a fixed position.

3-inch screwless vise mounted on the Taig mill. This style is vise pulls the movable jaw down as it closes.

Changed the toe-clamps from aluminum to steel.

An adjustable, pivoting, solid-jaw mounted work stop.
An M6-1 cap head screw holds the bracket to the vise.

The adjustable 8-32 screw has a pressed-on knob, a tip
that was diamond ground flat, & a knurled lock nut.

2-inch screwless vise.  Screwless vise exploded diagram

The stop can pivot out of the way or simply be removed.

2-inch vise being used in the hand tapper.

Detail of the spring-loaded ball bearing detent for adapter retention in the precision ground spindle.
The flat spring has been rotated to expose the ball bearing detent. The vise is allowed to float in two
 directions enabling easy tap/hole alignment. The example shows tapping eight, #7 holes, with 1/4-20
threads. A rotary table was used to drill every 45 deg.

Mounted in t he RF-25 mill, showing a #2 center
drill bit which was then followed by a #21 drill bit.

Held the part in a smaller vise so the setup could
be easily transferred to the hand tapper for threading.

Hand tapper being used to cut 10-32 threads.

1-inch screwless vise with built-in parallels.

Very small pieces can be held in the miniature vise, then held in other vises or set-ups.
The small vise can be transferred from machine to machine while still retaining a part's orientation.
 Parallels (steps) are ground into the jaws. The movable jaw is not as wide as the solid jaw allowing
it to be adjusted while still clamped in a larger vise. Tolerances are +/-0.0002"

One-inch screwless vise mount on a 4-inch Sherline rotary table.

One-inch vise adapter for the sine plate using MIC-6 aluminum.

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Sine Vises

2-inch & 3-inch wide sine vises that are
both 4-inchs between roll centers.

See sine vise/bar angle calculation.

The ubiquitous, obligatory Bench Vise.

Upgraded to a 5", rotating-head, Palmgren bench vise.
The mount uses a 1/2" thick sub-plate & hex bolts.

Three, 3/8-16, 6-in long bolts with washers pass all
the way through the bench's 2x4 edge. 56-lbs. (Taiwan).

 High-grade steel & three types of replaceable, hardened steel jaws. The movable jaw & slide bar are one piece.
 Full 360 deg rotation with 12-positions (every 30 deg) with a spring-loaded detent that holds head position during setups.
I personally would not buy this type of vise if it did not have the detent mechanism to hold a given jaw position.

Pipe & V-jaws.


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Bench Vise Animation

12 position, rotating vise head animation. Note, two O-rings were placed at each end of the sliding bar handle.


Stock Number

Model MJ50
Jaw Width 5-1/8" (13cm)
Throat Depth 3-1/2" (9cm)
Height 10-5/8" (27cm)
Length 16-1/2" (42cm)
Base Width 9-1/2" (24cm)
Max Jaw Opening 4" (10cm)
Max Pipe Capacity

3-1/2" (9cm)

Max V-Jaw Opening 4-1/2" (12cm)
Weight 56-lbs. (25.4-kg)

The vise base has 3 mounting lugs but the
sub-plate allowed a 4th (6") bolt to be utilized.

Spring-loaded, black knobbed detent, shown.
There are two, base swivel locking lugs.

Attached both of my benches, at two points,
to the concrete wall for maximum stability.

Soft Jaws

Soft jaws made out of aluminum L-bracket.
The stick-on magnetic backing was problematic.

OEM hardened, ground steel jaws (above) & aluminum soft jaws (below). Original M6-1 cap-head
screws were reused. The jaw dimensions are 5-1/8"(L) x 1"(H) x 1/2" (D). The aluminum soft jaws
were drilled for 5/16" clearance followed by an end mill for a 1/2" counterbore to 0.310" depth.

 A Columbian 4-1/2-inch (USA) bench vise. Milled, smooth-finish, soft aluminum replacement jaws.
To remove sideways play in the slide bar, I drilled & tapped (1/4-20) the vise body for a set screw
(other side). I put a small (3mm) length of Teflon rod in-between the screw & slide bar to reduce friction.

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Pin Vises

This pin vise stores drill bits in the handle (USA). Very high quality with a precision chuck.

The chuck has a 1/4" (0.25" or 6.35mm) capacity.

Very handy when deburring especially
on a mounted/turning lathe part.







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This pin vise has a reversible collet to hold both 1/16"
(0.0625" or 1.6mm) & 3/32" (0.09375 or 2.4mm) sizes.


Hand Vises

Custom-made hand vise with an aluminum head & handle. After reviewing the pros & cons of many different
designs available for purchase, I decided to make one that incorporated the desired mechanical attributes.
This hand vise was specifically made to hold hardened pins while they are being diamond-wheel ground.

Both sides were fly cut.

The jaws are opened & closed using a lead screw that has both left- & right-handed 10-32 threads.
Using this type of lead screw moves the jaws at twice the single-thread rate. The non-threaded
center section of the screw has clearance via short counterbored holes. The movable jaw is
guided by a 1/4" dowel pin riding in a 0.251" precision reamed hole. The movable jaw has
a blind hole with a 6-32 set screw that holds the pin as it slides through the fixed-jaw hole. The
 movable jaw's bottom surface also slides on the fixed jaw which greatly reduces any twisting.
Jaw size: 1/2" W x 1" D x 3/4" opening. Aluminum jaws are fairly soft so part marring is minimized.

The fixed jaw has two V-grooves to clamp round parts. The knob was threaded 10-32 &
then a 6-32 set screw was installed. A 4-40 pan-head also screws into the lead screw's end.

Shown for scale, a 1/4" x 2" dowel rod is clamped in the larger V-groove.

The 9/16" knurled aluminum handle is attached using a hardened, one-inch long 1/4-20 set screw.
The other end is tapped for 8-32 to hold another head.

This long-nose hand vise was made for grinding delicate parts.
These jaws also open & close using a lead screw that has both left- & right-handed
10-32 threads. Using this type of lead screw moves the jaws at twice the single-thread rate.

V-grooves were cut to hold small round parts. Jaw size: 1/4" W x 2-3/4" D x 1-1/16" opening.

A long 8-32 set screw holds the lower brass guide rod & the handle. A 4-40 set screw holds the upper guide.
The brass rods slide in precision reamed 1/8" holes. A 4-40 pan-head screw at the end of the lead screw
limits the overall travel. The knurled brass thumb adjustment knob is held by two, 6-32 set screws.

The same knurled handle is used for both vise heads: 8-32 left & 1/4-20 right.

Two different styles of drop-forged hand vises (Germany). Acme thread used for extra strength.
Narrow spring-loaded jaws: 1/2" W x 1" D x 3/4" opened. 3-3/4" OAL. Excellent design & high quality.

Wide spring-loaded jaws: 1-3/8" W x 5/8" D x 1" opened. 4" OAL.

It has a V-groove for holding round parts.

Exploded views of the two, hand vises.

A hand vise designed to clamp long wire (Germany).
The tightening screw & handle have clearance holes. Jaws: 5/8" W x 1/2" D x 1/4" opened. 4-5/8" OAL.

Replaced the original wing nut with a higher quality part.
Replaced the steel washer with a brass type.

Made a washer out of oil-impregnated bronze to ease operation of the (tight) wing nut.

A ball bearing thrust washer works well, too.

Lowell Pattern hand vise (wire-working tool) with hollow handle (Pakistan). Moderate quality.
Overall length is 4-15/16" (125mm). Handle diameter is 3/4" (19mm). Jaw width is 1/2" (12.7mm).
Serrated jaws open to 3/8" (9.5mm). Body hole is 0.118" (3mm). Nickel-plated finish.
Weight is 6.8oz. (193gr). Long wires can be pulled completely through the handle for twisting.

The threaded head & handle have clearance holes.








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A universal work holder (India). It has 60 peg slot positions & is supplied with eight, 3mm steel pegs.
Aluminum vise head dimensions: 2" diameter (head only) x 3-1/4" W (head plus thumb screw) x 1-1/8" H.
Max pin-to-pin opening is 2-3/16". Overall length, including the detachable wooden handle is six-inches.

Silicon soft grips for the 3mm pins.

To store all eight pins with the tool, I sometimes clamp them onto a soft plastic tube.

Another custom-made aluminum hand vise that uses the same 3mm pegs with or without their silicon grips.

The stepped base allows easy clamping in a larger bench vise. 6-32 set screws hold the dowel rods in place.

The movable jaw runs on two, 1/4" dowel pins in precision-reamed holes. The adjustment screw is M6-1.
The spring compresses into two, 9mm counterbored holes allowing complete jaw closure.
A custom-made Teflon washer makes turning the screw smooth & precise. There are 50 holes.


Low-cost anvil.

Round, hardened anvil for parts assembly & disassembly.

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Mill Vise, Indicating Animation, Drill Press Vises, Tool Maker's Vise, Screwless Vises,
Sine Vises, Bench Vise, Bench Vise Animation, Soft Jaws, Pin Vises, Hand Vises,