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A Hobby Site FAQ, Projects, References, Manuals, plus a Purchase Source for Machining, Tool, & Photo Enthusiasts
microcosm ~ a small, representative system having analogies to a larger system in constitution, configuration, or development

This site has 95 web pages containing 3843 annotated photos, animations,
reference documents for tools, modifications, methods, & shop projects.
Many of the photos herein are of newly purchased equipment & tools.


Rong Fu RF-25 Mill/Drill


   Mill/Drill Specifications & Views

   RF-25 Mill DRO X Y Z Axes & Tachometer

   Workholding, Rotary Tables & Dividing Head

   Collets, 5C Fixtures, V-Blocks & Angled Fixtures

   End Mills & Cutters

   R-8 Spindle Accessories


   Coolant Misting System

Taig Micro Mill


   4-Axes Taig Micro Mill CNC Conversion

   A Computer for CNC
   Lead-screw Conversion    Stepper Motors & Controller
   Breakout Board, Pendant & Relay Box    E-stop & Limit/Home Switches
   4th A-axis CNC Rotary Table

   Mach3 Setup

   Motor & ER-16 Spindle Upgrades

   Vises for Small Mills

   Aligning the Taig Mill & Vise

   Manual Rotary Table

   Tooling Plate

   3D Digitizing

                       Taig Mill DRO X Y Z Axes & Tachometer

Jet BD-920N 9x20 Lathe


   9x20 Specifications & Views

   9x20 Lathe DRO X Z1 Axes Tailstock DRO & Tach  

   Variable Speed DC Spindle Motor  

   Compound Bracket & Angle Plate Jig     

   Quick Change Tool Post & Tool Bits 

   Cross slide, Compound, Carriage & Feed Gears       

   Tumble-reverse Gear

   Collet & Jawed Chucks

   Lathe Mandrels & Arbors

   Centers, Drill Chucks, Arbors & Accessories

   Locking & Tramming the Tailstock

   Boring Bars

   Ball Turners & Knurlers

   Tool Post Grinder

   Single-point Threading

   Retractable Tool Bit Holder

     Spindle Motor E-stop

Taig Micro Lathe


   Taig Micro Lathe CNC Conversion

   Spindle Motor, Mount & Jackshaft Pulley
   Micro Lathe & Micro Mill Accessories

   Tramming the Taig Tailstock

   Tool Posts, Boring Bar Holders & Locking Levers

   Taig Micro Lathe DROs


   Lead Screw with Split-nut, Variable DC Motor Drives
Metalworking & Misc.


   Layout Tools    Precision Mensuration
   Vises    Sine Vises, Bars & Plates
   Drill Presses & Chucks    Drill Bits, Countersinks, Reamers & Counterbores
   How to Drill a Hole & Deburr    Tap & Die Threads, Reference Tables & Hardware
   Bench Grinders & Polishers     Sheet Metal 
   Broach Cutters    Band Saw, Abrasive Cutoff Saw & Raw Materials
   Die & Hollow Punches    Stirling Engines
   Gears    Pens, Wine Bottle Stoppers & Miscellaneous
   Pendulum Clocks    Router Table & Saws
   Hand, Power & Air Tools    Books on Machining, CNC, Projects & Engineering
   3D Printing    Manuals, Tables & Schematics
   Cameras & Equipment    Personal Safety Equipment
   Shop Projects 

   Disclaimer Notice

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