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Phillips Screw Drivers, Slotted Screwdrivers, Small Screwdrivers,
Pliers Cutters Specialty, Hammers, Punches, Chisels & Hooks,
Imperial Wrenches, Metric Wrenches, Socket Sets, Hex Wrenches,
Wire Strippers & Crimpers, Clamps, Files, Planer, Air Tools, Generators, Saws

Refer to the Hardware Section, too.

Phillips Screw Drivers

Many of my
very durable
Craftsman tools are over 45 years old.

1/4" Reed Prince tip (bottom).

Phillips #0, #1, #2, #3, #4 screw drive types

The shape of a Phillips #2 tip (left) as compared
to that of a 1/4" Reed Prince tip (right).
The pointed Reed Prince drive does not cam
out under high torque like a Phillips type &
is often used in marine applications.

Slotted Screwdrivers

Large, twelve-inch long shank with a 7/16"
wide blade slotted screwdriver.

Car door fastener pry tool (left).
Torx & Robertson drivers
plus a cotter pin puller (bottom).

Gun Screwdriver Sets

Chapman gun screwdriver set; high
quality (USA). Metric bits available, too.
Gun screwdrivers are hollow-ground so the blade
surfaces are parallel (not a wedge) thus, by matching the
blade's width & thickness to the screw's slot, a precise
fit can be obtained. A better slot fit reduces/eliminates
damage to the screw head.

Chapman metric hex bits (USA); hardened steel.  

Ratchet handles for screw bits.
These can get into tight places.

Wheeler gun screwdriver set (USA).
Some tips are frangible & are designed
to break before causing damage via over
 Gunsmithing screwdriver set

Torque is the tendency of a force to rotate
an object about an axis, fulcrum, or pivot.  

A torque screwdriver set to 20 in lb.

Torque ranges are specified for different screw &
bolt types. Torque screwdriver instructions
It varies as a function of size, material, number
of threads, hardness, plating, lubrication, etc.
There are numerous torque reference tables
available on the web; it's common to over-torque.
 Store torque wrenches at the lowest setting
to help maintain long-term accuracy.

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Craftsman 18" pry bar (USA).

Non-marring plastic Universal Auto
Interior Tool Kit can be used on many
different kinds of delicate parts.

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Worx Pegasus portable worktable, clamping
system & sawhorse. Best, super sturdy, most
versatile portable worktable I have ever used.
Max loads: 300lb (135kg) as a table &
1000lb (454kg) as a sawhorse.

Two clamps & four dogs store compactly.
Each side can be folded down, independently.
Metal-on-metal locks. Folds to a compact size.
Large, non-slip, rubber feet that stay attached.
Tables can be joined together.
Caution: multiple pinch points.

The clamp handle is secured via a retractable bolt.
The bolt retracts when the tightening handle is pulled.  

The other end of the clamp is secured in a channel.

Tray, slots & holes for tools. 























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This open-weave drawer liner has anti-microbial
properties that prevent bacterial growth. The
non-slip black cushion protects the instruments &
keeps them from moving (banging) around, too.

 Small Screwdrivers

Torx, Slotted (flat-head),
Phillips (star) type screwdrivers.

Screw-head types.

Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) Driver

The JIS driver tip geometry compared
to the US standard Phillips driver.

JIS-type screws are used in
Japanese camera equipment & electronics.

Using a Phillips driver in a JIS screw
will not grip well & likely distort it.

JIS/Slotted driver set.
Sizes: #00, #0, #1 JIS, & .055, .070
slotted bits with plastic handle (USA).
Magnetize the tip to help handle small (ferrous) screws.



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Pliers, Cutters, Specialty

This Channellock tool works on both internal &
external snap rings. Supplied with multiple tip sizes. 

Round needle-nose tips for shaping wire.

Parallel jaws reduce marring
precious metals for jewelry.

These Klein utility scissors are a very useful tool;
very well made. The leather holster is handy.
There are two wire stripper slots & the
blades are serrated. OAL =  5-1/4" (13.5cm).

The small diagonal cutter (second from left)
is over 40 years old; Lifetime Warranty.

Compound diagonal cutters.













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My favorite, a 4-oz ball-peen hammer (USA).

Europeans seem to favor this style of hammer-head
shape; purchased in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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Dead Blow hammers: 1, 2, 3, 4 lb.

Punches, Chisels, & Hooks

Starrett punches (left), finish-nail punches (top),
Craftsman punches (center). The two long tapered tools
are for aligning parts (USA). All Starrett tools are excellent.

Metric punches:
2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, & 8mm (Germany).

Long punches (import).

Standard center punch (USA).
Automatic punches are easier to use more accurately.

Scribes & automatic center punches. Top to bottom:
Starrett surface gauge steel scribe, a diamond-tipped
 scribe, a carbide-tipped scribe, two large-body
punches that make deep marks, two high-precision
punches that have fine, sharply pointed replaceable
tips & the last punch has small replaceable tips.
Regular punches have a 90 deg angled tip whereas
prick punches have a more narrow-angled point.
See the Layout Section

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Various chisels (USA).

Various hooks mainly for removing/tensioning
springs in tight locations. The bottom set has
three screw-on handles for compact storage &
that can be combined to extend one's reach.

Hook set collapsed for storage (USA).


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Imperial Wrenches

Ignition wrenches.

Box wrenches are very strong & open-end
wrenches work well in tight places.
Six-point box wrenches are stronger than
12-point but the later works better in tight locations. 

Ratchet-style box wrenches.

Metric Wrenches

Miscellaneous metric wrenches used for lathes & mill.

Adjustable wrenches.

Strap wrenches.

Pipe wrenches.

Copper pipe cutters.






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Socket Sets

Imperial & metric 1/4-inch drive socket sets.

1/2-inch drive set.

3/8-inch drive set.

Imperial & metric 3/8-inch drive sets:
hex, deep socket, universal, adapters, spark-plug.

Imperial & metric 1/2-inch drive impact
socket sets with universal & extension.
WARNING: Do not use standard sockets with an
impact wrench as they can crack & fragment. 

Air impact wrench.

Automotive tools.

1/2", 3/8", & 1/4" drive torque wrenches. Store torque
wrenches at the lowest setting to help maintain accuracy.
The top 3 wrenches measure ft-lb or Newton-meters;
the bottom 1/4" drive wrench measures in-lb or cm-kg.

Imperial nut driver set.

Metric nut driver set.



















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Hex Wrenches

Imperial & metric hex wrench sets.
The two bottom sets are short-handle type.

Hex T-handle drivers;
Imperial/metric & ball-end/straight.

Metric (black) & Imperial (clear) hex driver sets.

Craftsman Imperial hex driver set (USA).
Imperial sizes in fractional inches:
1/4, 3/16, 5/32, 1/8, 9/64, 7/64, 3/32.

Bondhus metric hex driver set (USA).
Metric sizes in mm: 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.5, 2, 1.5.


Wire Strippers, Crimpers & Electrical

Video coax & phone crimping tools.

Professional Klein Tools


















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Large Kant Twist clamps; 4.5", 3", 2.5" openings.
An excellent, versatile clamp design (USA).
Floating smooth & prismatic copper-coated jaws,
large deep-throat opening, copper-coated lead screw.
Always buy clamps in (multiples of 2) pairs.

2" & 1" clamps.

V-grooved, copper-coated, self-centering jaws.

Two parts are secured in the mill's vise with
small clamps. Short, stiff, stub drill bits used.


See the related Hand Vises Section.

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Wire Hose Clamp Making Tool

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Simonds, Nicholson, & Craftsman files are
quite good. I prefer Simonds (USA).

It is important to have good handles on files especially
when they are being used on a part turning in a lathe
as it could catch & push it through one's hand or worse.
A handle also affords more accurate control.

Small diamond files.

A pin vise (USA), that stores needle files in the
handle, for general deburring of machined parts.

Fine files (regular & diamond) of various shapes & grits for deburring.

A steel file card used to remove stuck metal chips from the cutting edges.

(1) Point, (2) Cutting Edges, (3) Heel, (4) Tang, (5) File Length, & Handle.

CAUTION: Always use a handle when filing on a turning lathe part.
If it catches, it can jam the tang into your hand. Wear eye protection.






















































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Stanley hand drill #v03-803 (England).

Fiskars hand drill (USA).

Hand stapler (USA).

Stapler & small nail gun.

 Air Tools

Air finishing nail gun; 120 PSI.

Air grinder.

Shop air supply compressor (manual).

I have a much larger compressor for a big impact wrench
but it was not developing the needed torque. I changed from
a 1/2" to a 5/8" air supply hose and that made all the difference.

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Corded drill when you need real power all day (USA).

See Drill Bit Section.

Milwaukee heavy-duty, two-speed hammer drill
with metal case; durable & powerful (GER).

Milwaukee Sawzall (USA).

1/4-sheet finishing sander.

Random orbital sander. This type works the best.

Industrial heat gun. CAUTION: Much hotter than any blow dryer.
It will quickly blister, warp, bubble, burn, and/or ignite material.

Heat gun nozzle attachments to
concentrate, spread, surround, or scrape.

Two Imperial rules (top) & a metric rule (bottom).

The Milwaukee tape has a small,
strong magnet on the end.
A nicely designed, very durable tape measure.

165-ft (50m) tape rule.

Strait-Line Laser Tape (instructions).

Measures/calculates areas/volumes quickly & accurately.


Stud finder that has deep-scan,
metal studs, & electrical line modes.

Chalk line.

Plum bob.

Builder's square.

Milwaukee M18 2701-20 brushless cordless drill kit
in a durable plastic case. Uses all M18 battery sizes.
Compact, powerful, well-balanced with an ergonomic
rubberized grip. 1/2" metal chuck & metal gear housing.

Ratcheting chuck locks bits. Variable-speed trigger.
White LED work light stays on ten seconds after stopping.

3.7 lb with 2.0 Ah battery. Variable torque dial; 500 in lb peak.
Two-speed transmission: 0-450, 0-1800 RPM. Rubber armored.

Red Lithium battery pack has 4 LEDs showing the amount of
charge with a button push or when mounted onto the wall charger.

Milwaukee Shockwave bit set. Very high
quality/precise/durable. Heavy-duty case.

Milwaukee magnetic nut drivers, 
set of five: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2".

Milwaukee Titanium Shockwave
drill bit set with hex shafts.
29 pieces 1/16" to 1/2" by 1/64"

See the Drill Bits, Countersinks, Reamers & Counterbores Section

Heavy-duty Milwaukee jigsaw with
M18 XC5.0 Red Lithium battery pack.
Power, endurance & precision. 

Jigsaw blades (Swiss).

Dust & splinter guards for jigsaw.

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Westinghouse iGen4500 Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Westinghouse iGen4500 Dual Fuel inverter power generator.
Well-designed, full-featured inverter that uses gas or propane.
Equipped with hand-pull start, electric start, & remote start.
This 100 lb unit has extensive double insulation; very quiet.
I installed the high-altitude carb jet (C) for 5000-6000 ft.
Little discussed, but engine power loss is 3.5%/1000 ft.
Gas with no ethanol content is best as it does not
leave deposits in the carb; but it's expensive.

Four carb jet kits (A, B, C, D) for higher altitudes:
 OEM Jet 0'-2000', Jet A 2000'-3000', Jet B 3000'-5000',
Jet C 5000'-6000', Jet D 6000'-7000'. An aluminum
crush washer for the 10mm oil plug is also shown.
The WH video for carb jet replacement is overly complex.
Drain the carb bowl of gas. Remove the large access
panel & loosen the bolts along the bottom. Remove
the air cleaner housing & the carb bowl. Replace the
jet & reassemble. I did this before first start.

Westinghouse iGen 4500DF Inverter Power Generator Manual

Used plastic bed risers to hold the 100 lb unit
high enough to change the oil. These low-cost
risers are very stable and sturdy. The recesses
on their tops securely hold the unit in place.
Note the stored, telescoping steel handle (left).

First oil change.

There is a drain plug/hole for the oil to
pass through generator's bottom housing.
The oil drain plug is a 10mm hex bolt.

A 10mm universal socket & 13mm Crowsfoot
(optional) may be useful for the oil drain plug.

The magnetic dipstick picks-up any metallic particles in the oil.
It's  a tight location so I chose the paddle style over a knurled knob.
Note the foam sound insulation; used thoughout the entire housing.

























Automotive gauges. Metric on the right. /span>





Silicone Hook-up Wire
12 AWG, 18 AWG, 20 AWG,
22 AWG, 24 AWG, 30 AWG Sizes






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High-tension hacksaw.

Mini hacksaw.

Short-bladed wood saw.

Cuts through wood fast.

Miter saw & box.

Drywall saw punctures & cuts fast.

Wood rasp; fast material removal. 

Wood rasp blade detail; sharp.

These wood chisels hold their edges very well.
Big handles with steel-reinforced ends.

Wood-turning tools for lathe.

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Phillips Screw Drivers, Slotted Screwdrivers, Small Screwdrivers,
Pliers Cutters Specialty, Hammers, Punches, Chisels & Hooks,
Imperial Wrenches, Metric Wrenches, Socket Sets, Hex Wrenches,
Wire Strippers & Crimpers, Clamps, Files, Planer, Air Tools, Generators, Saws