End Mills & Cutters
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 End Mills, Radius Cutters, Engravers, Saw Blades,
Straight-shank Arbors, ER-16 Collet Extensions,
Fly Cutters

End Mills

Center-cutting (left) & non-center cutting types of end mills.
Center-cutting end mills can make plunge cuts.

Non-center cutting end mills can not make plunge cuts
but clear chips better &
they can be (professionally)
sharpened easie. Both types of end mills can make
surface (conventional or climb) cuts using the side flutes.

End mill nomenclature
   Surface Feet/Minute (SFM) Chart 1  
SFM 2   SFM 3  
Machinist Calculator 

TiN-coated, 2 & 4 flute, center-cutting end mill set.

Left to right, top & bottom photos: 2-flute end mills for aluminum,
ball-nose end mills, 45 deg & 60 deg dove-tail & bevel cutters,
edge finders, 4-flute end mills for steel (regular & roughing).

Doubled the end mill storage capacity of this stand.

I have no rusting issues using wooden stands.

Small diameter carbide drills (left) & small end mills.

Assorted two, three, & four flute solid
carbide end mills sizes 3/8" through 1/32".

1-1/4", 1", 3/4", 5/8", 5/8", 1/2", 3/8", & 3/8".
The three (right) end mills are M42-8%Co
alloy with extra long cutting flutes.

M42-8%Co alloy
cutting mildly hardened steel.

1/8" & 1/4" diameter, center cutting, long (4) flute,
Aluminum Nitride (TIALN) coated end mills.

1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", & 5/8" roughing end mills.
Sinusoidal-edge pattern breaks chips.
Note: aggressive
cuts with this design can overload smaller machines.

Metric carbide end mills: 1, 2, 3, & 4 mm.

1 & 2 mm end mills.

3 & 4 mm end mills.

Two-flute ball-nose end mill.
There are also 3 & 4 flute types.
These cutters like higher speeds.

1/32", two-flute ball-nose carbide end mills.

Dovetail cutters; 45 deg (top) & 60 deg (bottom).
Cut a square groove, first.

45 deg (left) & 60 deg (right) bevel cutters (import).
For chamfering part edges.

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1-8mm sizes

























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A 3/8" 2-flute end mill in an MT2 holder being
used to make a 0.050" deep counterbore for a rivet.

























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Bin sorting & storage of end mills.

One-inch "Little Hogger" negative-rake end mill
with a 3/4" shank that uses two,
inserts have six usable tips, each.
This end mill requires relatively high RPM.

1/2" cobalt end mill with 45 deg point.
Handy for chamfering edges.

Radius Cutters

Radius cutter set.
1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", & 3/8" radii.


1/8", 30 deg carbide engraver bit.

Solid carbide engraving tools for the CNC mill.
The end was first split in half with a standard surface

grinder then the tip was diamond ground to have
relief behind the single-flute cutting edge. The point

was then relieved even more using a fine diamond file.
See the
high-speed motor pulley modification.



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Saw Blades

A 45 deg, left-hand cutter & 3" saw blades with 1" hole
having different thicknesses of
1/16", 1/32", & 1/64".

Slit-cutting soft steel.
The right side of the vise has a spacer piece
of equal thickness to assure even clamping.

This is a one-inch R8 arbor.

Straight-shank Arbors

 Precision ground 7/8" x 1" arbor
with a 3/4" straight

Spring-loaded rings spacers for different saw hole sizes:
1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", & 1" (India). Below average quality.

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Always use a drawbar with tapers as side forces
will cause it to dangerously loosen while turning.

ER-16 Collet Extensions
When changing tooling that has different lengths,
e.g., a collet chuck versus a fly cutter, I do not want to
have to
loosen/move the mill head & then re-indicate
the piece. A stubby ER-16 collet extension & a short-
arbor drill chuck allow me to stay close to the work piece.
The long ER-16 extension allows the use of longer
 tooling & end mills. Additionally, the long extension can
get into much tighter places than the mill spindle.

ER-16 collet extension pair (USA) having stubby (3.65") &
long (6.3"), 3/4" diameter shanks. These are very
precisely made extensions with a collet lock nut 13/16" &
there is an inside back-up hex set screw with left-hand
threads that is set against the end mill base.
The Martin Tools open-end wrench is thinner, flatter & shorter than
a standard type making it easier to use in tight areas.
The collet is snapped into the nut before tightening.
These extensions are made by Craftsman Industries in NV.

There is a left-hand threaded (stop)
set screw inside the extension's body.

Using an 1/8" hex wrench, the screw is set
against the end mill to keep it from moving.

CAUTION: Do not over tighten lock nut, always use
internal backup screw. Do not tighten lock nut on an empty collet.

Stubby extension stays close to the work & can use
10 different ER-16 collet sizes with a 0.0197" ~ 0.3937"

(0.5 ~ 10mm) continuous clamping range. This is especially
helpful when using combinations of drills & end mills.

The long extension helps
machine hard to access areas.

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Different styles & sizes:
MT4-ER32, R8-ER25, R8-ER32, C16-ER16A-150L,
C20-ER16A-100L, C20-ER16A-150L, C20-ER16-200L

Fly Cutters

Fly cutter (Sierra American Brand, USA) with 3/4" straight
shank & 3/8" USA Carboloy grade, left-hand tool bit.

This combination has superior cutting performance when
compared to many imports. It is balanced, precise
, &
rigid plus the set screws are hardened & don't strip.

A power feed can help produce an excellent finish.

Fly cutter set with straight shanks (import).
Substituting with quality set screws helps performance.

This fly
cutter has a 3/8" straight shaft which can
be used
in the Taig upgraded ER-16 mill spindle.

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1/2" or 3/4" straight shanks (3 pieces)
3/8" or 5/16" tool bits with R8 shanks

 End Mills, Radius Cutters, Engravers, Saw Blades,
Straight-shank Arbors, ER-16 Collet Extensions,
Fly Cutters